Off Leash Dog Playgroups and Pet Care


Sandy Paws offer dog walking services throughout Newcastle,  specialising in off leash group dog walks. These doggy-playgroup sessions provide your dogs with maximum fun, exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation.

We take our dog walking groups to many off-leash locations around Newcastle: Horseshoe Beach, Nesca Park, North Lambton Park, Boorgaul Park on Lake Macquarie, Redhead Beach and many more!

This is great for dogs that require extra exercise or company in the day time while the rest of the family is busy with work or children. Many of our customers report that their dogs are happier, more relaxed and less destructive with their regular group walk sessions.

Sandy Paws also provides also provides holiday care for your pet where we feed, walk, play and give your pet some company while you’re away.

For more information, call or text 0416 630 187 or email, contact us or follow us on Facebook!