Sandy Paws Dog walking Newcastle

Sandy Paws’ doggy-playgroup sessions provide your dogs with maximum fun, exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation.

This is great for dogs that require extra exercise or company in the daytime while the rest of the family is busy with work or children. Many of our customers report that their dogs are happier, more relaxed and less destructive with their regular group walk sessions and we operate in the core Newcastle suburbs.

Sandy Paws dog walkers are experienced and energetic animal lovers who make sure your pooch has a great time!

How it works

Your dog is picked up in the air-conditioned Dogmobile, we match them up with playmates of similar size and temperament for a fun-filled hour of of play, social interaction and games at local off-leash dog parks and beaches.  We provide leashes, a variety of toys and doggy bags.

We take the groups to many off leash dog walking locations around Newcastle – the doggies particularly enjoy Horseshoe Beach!

Walks are under constant supervision to ensure that all dogs behave nicely. Fresh water is offered at regular intervals and we will rinse and towel dry your dog if they’ve had a swim, a roll in the mud, or been out in the rain – yes, we walk every day no matter what the weather!

  Each group walk is for a full hour at the off-leash park or beach – however, please note that your dog may be away from home for up to three hours depending on the location of the other dogs in the group and which walk location we pick each time.

The dogs are dropped home tired and happy and we regularly update our Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Can my dog join a Group Walk?

In order to join in the group walks your dog must be friendly towards other dogs and people as well as having good recall and being allowed off-leash. We pop over to meet you and your dog for a free initial consultation in your home before gradually introducing your dog to potential new playmates and integrating them into the groups.

All dogs must wear identification on their collar including your phone number to meet council requirements.  Only de-sexed dogs are able to join the group walks due to insurance requirements.

We cover the core Newcastle suburbs – please get in touch to check if we have availability on your area.

Holiday Care

Holiday care can be tailored to your needs and include feeding, fresh water, poop-scooping, mail in, wheelie bins in/out, plants watered etc.


Off-leash walks:

1 dog: $35

2 dogs from the same family: $45.

Holiday Care:

Holiday care – 30 min visit including a local on-leash walk $35
Holiday care – 45 min visit including a longer on-leash walk $50
Extra dogs at same house – additional $5

Weekends – $10 surcharge
Public Holidays – $25 surcharge
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day – double rates